With a rich, varied culture, history and environment Canada has evolved into one of the top class countries in the world where you can expect steady development, economic freedom, excellent quality of life, transparent government system, civil liberties and praiseworthy educational facilities.

In other words Canada is the favoured choice among affluent investor immigrants who are looking forward to relocate. For years, it has remained as one of the top ranking industrialized countries on chief comparative surveys.

Why is Canada the preferred choice among affluent investor immigrants?

  • NAFTA AND G8 member
  • Offers outstanding health care facilities and meticulous system
  • Top-class education system in place
  • Well-preserved environment because of stringent environmental reins
  • Religious, ethnic and cultural tolerance deep-rooted in the system
  • Canadian passport is highly valued, internationally
  • Offers a safe environment for residing and enables enjoying a splendid lifestyle

Business Prospects

With rich oil reserves next to Saudi Arabia and other natural resources, this land is full of business prospects.  Though real estate, leasing and rentals are major contributors of economy, manufacturing, mining, financial services and health care too contribute to a large extent.

Education and work

Canada has a robust educational pattern that makes schooling compulsory for all aged between 6 and 16. Typically, schooling begins with elementary level and gradually moves up to the secondary level and finally college. The unemployment rate is only around 4.5% among university graduates with Canadian Citizenship, indicating a strong employment market.

Real Estate and accommodation

The inflation in real estate prices can be attributed to the power of the Canadian Dollar. Home prices in British Columbia/Vancouver are said to the highest with an average rates are above one million Canadian Dollars while reasonably priced homes can be found in Quebec costing around 285,000 Canadian Dollars.

Health care

Canadian Healthcare system is considered the best in the globe. Their health care system offers free service and is funded by public and private business units.

Any Canadian citizen can get instant access to free hospital and medical services, drug insurance, insurance plans covering industrial disease or occupational accidents for public workers and public automobile insurance covering injuries to drivers irrespective of the reason or cause of fault.

Qualifying Criteria

According to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program instituted in the year 1986, prosperous investors and business heads are encouraged to either invest in the country’s economy or launch operations in the Canadian soil. In return, they would be given permanent resident status on an unrestricted basis.

In order to qualify to get citizenship or residency status, applicants are required to provide the following:

  • Show business acumen and experience as proof (a minimum of three years experience in finance, general management, human resources or planning)
  • Prior to application, investors should have resided in Canada for a minimum of 1095 days
  • Need to  have enough knowledge of French or English along with the responsibilities and rights of Quebec citizenship
  • Enclose paper work supporting the source of investment portfolio
  • Possess a net value of a minimum of 1.6 million Canadian Dollar
  • Showing interest and stating the intention to settle down in Quebec Province
  • Participating in any one of the guaranteed government investment programs and agree to make a minimum investment of 800,000 Canadian Dollars

Investment alternatives

First option

The applicant can decide to invest not less than 800,000 Canadian Dollars in any of the government approved investment schemes and let it stay for a minimum of five years. Upon the end of the holding period, the amount would be returned in full to the investor sans the interest.  We at Second Citizen have full understanding of the procedures of the (IQ) Investissement Quebec and Immigration Authorities of Quebec, hence can provide all assistance to the applicants.

Second option

Obtaining loan for investment purposes from a chartered bank for a minimum of 62 months (closed timeframe). There are also other options which can be discussed in detail upon request.