Antigua & Barbuda

If you fancied a blissful environment encompassing breath-taking beaches, white sands, buzzing fleets, scuba diving, snorkeling, and coral reefs, then you are at the right place. Antigua and Barbuda is one of the biggest Leeward Islands with English speaking population. Here you can find Mount Obama also called as Boggy Peak, Barbuda – a flat and tiny coral island and Redonda – a desolate island which is also a nature preserve as main attractions. This place is so popular that you are sure brush shoulders with celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Giorgio Armani and many more who either reside or have invested in any property here.

According to statistics, Antigua is considered as the safest place in the Caribbean Islands. VC Bird International Airport situated in Antigua and Barbuda receives direct flights from various well known international destinations including London, Miami, Toronto, New York, Frankfurt and Atlanta, making it an effortlessly accessible destination especially from North America and Europe.

What makes Antigua and Barbuda an ideal choice for second citizenship?

There are numerous reasons to justify the idea. Some important reasons are given below:

  • Irrespective of nationality, educational or professional background, anyone can apply
  • Children and wife aged under 26 can get a second passport easily
  • Elderly parents of more than 65 yrs of age are considered as dependents and are eligible to apply too
  • It is not mandatory to travel to this place while the application is in process
  • Easy and quick to obtain irrevocable second citizenships and second passports without the need to relocate or surrender the present nationality
  • Citizens are allowed to possess dual citizenships and the matter is kept confidential too
  • One of the most privileged destinations with appealing travel and tax benefits
  • Once a citizen, the passport can take you to more than 145 countries without visa formalities. It includes UK, European Union Schengen zone, Canada and many commonwealth countries
  • Antigua and Barbuda boasts to be the sole Caribbean passport that can take you to Canada without a Visa
  • Offers an option to resale your property at the end of the fifth year of possession to new applicants who apply for citizenship
  • A promising land for investing in various fields including green energy, food production, hospitality and recreation
  • A tax haven with no estate or capital gains tax, income tax or inheritance tax. Earnings generated outside this country is non-taxable

Who will qualify to obtain citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda?

According to the Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment program (established in the year 2012), the applicant should have an excellent character, health and personal net value without any criminal case slapped on him/her. 


A perfect place to work, establish business, lead a plush lifestyle and enables ease of travel all across the European continent.

Bulgaria is the 16th biggest country in Europe with Sofia, one of the largest cities as its capital and is strategically located connecting Europe to Africa, Middle East and Asia. Its promising business economy is predominantly boosted by private sector and has commendably emerged as a country with the lowest public liability in the whole of the European Union. Its vibrant and rich culture and temperate climate is an added attraction.

Having a Bulgarian passport and second citizenship is big plus for all individuals and businesses aiming at free trading environment, reasonable taxation, operating costs, and capital investment, quick and easy access to the countries that are part of the European Union.

Advantages of the Bulgarian Citizenship and Residential Investor program are as follows

  • Allows residency status within a period spanning from six to nine months
  • A fast-track choice for citizenship is possible in less than two year’s time
  • No specification on language pre-requisites
  • There is no mandate to give up your present nationality
  • Can obtain financial assistance from banks in addition to government authorized funds
  • Not liable to own a physical dwelling imposed with legislation
  • Get easy visa access to non-European Union countries too
  • Citizens has the right to posses land in almost all countries within the European Union
  • Permanent residents can enjoy outstanding healthcare facilities not only in Bulgaria but anywhere in the EU
  • Eligible for conditional exemption on taxes pertaining to world earnings
  • Permanent residents can benefit from free education

Who can qualify to become a citizen or permanent citizen?

According to the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act and Bulgarian Citizenship Act

  • The applicant should be above 18 years of age
  •  Have either a foreign travel certificate or valid passport
  • Must be able to prove your permanent residential status with  a minimum of five years stay
  •  Should be able to submit supporting documents for the money source made in investments
  •  Show proof of the investment agreement and the power of attorneys
  •  Should not be a citizen of any European Union country
  •  Should not have a criminal record

Investment choices – an easy way to obtain citizenship in Bulgaria through (BGIIP) the Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program

First option:

Those who go for this choice are expected to deposit 1 million in Bulgarian currency (511,292 Euros) in any of the Government bonds for a minimum of five years as a one-time payment. At the end of the five year term, guaranteed return can be got in full but without any accumulated interests.

Second option:

Investments can also be made via a European bank.

Third Option: (Fast-track option):

Investors who go through this channel by investing twice the normal amounts are more likely to get citizenship quickly. To avail this facility the applicant should have been a permanent resident for a minimum of one year and should double the amount for buying government bonds of 512,000Euros or invest in any Bulgarian company to boost its capital that is involved in an important project as specified in the Investment Promotion Act. Possessing a second investment in addition to the above for a minimum of two years will expedite the process.

Approximate Time Frame – Main Applicant

First two Months:

Get the “Second Citizen” Retainer Agreement signed and first professional fees payment to “Second Citizen”made.

Relevant documents are collected and a file created. Application fees paid to the Government.

First appointment for signing the document is got at a Bulgarian consulate and file readied for submission.

The main applicant makes the investment transfer and issuance of investment certificate takes place.

Third and Fourth Month:

Second appointment for Visa D application is got at a Bulgarian Consulate.

Fifth, Six and Seventh Month:

Grant of Visa D which is followed by the first Bulgarian trip to submit PR (Permanent Residence) application.

The applicant is expected to pay the “Second Citizen” Professional Fees for file submission.

Eighth and Ninth month:

Get the PR or Permanent Residence approval, followed by the second Bulgarian trip for submitting the Permanent Residence card application.

“Second Citizen” professional fees (final payment) made.

Bulgarian Permanent Residence card received and three days for application granted.

Time frame – Family members

Family members will be eligible to apply once the main applicant has received the Bulgarian Permanent Residence card. It might take a minimum of six months for the family members to get the PR cards and each family member who is applying for it has to visit Bulgaria at least two times.

After one year of PR, the applicant can make twice the investment of 511,292 Euros in Government bonds and then apply for citizenship while retaining the investment for another two years time.


With a rich, varied culture, history and environment Canada has evolved into one of the top class countries in the world where you can expect steady development, economic freedom, excellent quality of life, transparent government system, civil liberties and praiseworthy educational facilities.

In other words Canada is the favoured choice among affluent investor immigrants who are looking forward to relocate. For years, it has remained as one of the top ranking industrialized countries on chief comparative surveys.

Why is Canada the preferred choice among affluent investor immigrants?

  • NAFTA AND G8 member
  • Offers outstanding health care facilities and meticulous system
  • Top-class education system in place
  • Well-preserved environment because of stringent environmental reins
  • Religious, ethnic and cultural tolerance deep-rooted in the system
  • Canadian passport is highly valued, internationally
  • Offers a safe environment for residing and enables enjoying a splendid lifestyle

Business Prospects

With rich oil reserves next to Saudi Arabia and other natural resources, this land is full of business prospects.  Though real estate, leasing and rentals are major contributors of economy, manufacturing, mining, financial services and health care too contribute to a large extent.

Education and work

Canada has a robust educational pattern that makes schooling compulsory for all aged between 6 and 16. Typically, schooling begins with elementary level and gradually moves up to the secondary level and finally college. The unemployment rate is only around 4.5% among university graduates with Canadian Citizenship, indicating a strong employment market.

Real Estate and accommodation

The inflation in real estate prices can be attributed to the power of the Canadian Dollar. Home prices in British Columbia/Vancouver are said to the highest with an average rates are above one million Canadian Dollars while reasonably priced homes can be found in Quebec costing around 285,000 Canadian Dollars.

Health care

Canadian Healthcare system is considered the best in the globe. Their health care system offers free service and is funded by public and private business units.

Any Canadian citizen can get instant access to free hospital and medical services, drug insurance, insurance plans covering industrial disease or occupational accidents for public workers and public automobile insurance covering injuries to drivers irrespective of the reason or cause of fault.

Qualifying Criteria

According to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program instituted in the year 1986, prosperous investors and business heads are encouraged to either invest in the country’s economy or launch operations in the Canadian soil. In return, they would be given permanent resident status on an unrestricted basis.

In order to qualify to get citizenship or residency status, applicants are required to provide the following:

  • Show business acumen and experience as proof (a minimum of three years experience in finance, general management, human resources or planning)
  • Prior to application, investors should have resided in Canada for a minimum of 1095 days
  • Need to  have enough knowledge of French or English along with the responsibilities and rights of Quebec citizenship
  • Enclose paper work supporting the source of investment portfolio
  • Possess a net value of a minimum of 1.6 million Canadian Dollar
  • Showing interest and stating the intention to settle down in Quebec Province
  • Participating in any one of the guaranteed government investment programs and agree to make a minimum investment of 800,000 Canadian Dollars

Investment alternatives

First option

The applicant can decide to invest not less than 800,000 Canadian Dollars in any of the government approved investment schemes and let it stay for a minimum of five years. Upon the end of the holding period, the amount would be returned in full to the investor sans the interest.  We at Second Citizen have full understanding of the procedures of the (IQ) Investissement Quebec and Immigration Authorities of Quebec, hence can provide all assistance to the applicants.

Second option

Obtaining loan for investment purposes from a chartered bank for a minimum of 62 months (closed timeframe). There are also other options which can be discussed in detail upon request.


the most happening hub located at the center of the Mediterranean provides easy access to Africa, Asia and Europe. Its effervescent culture, pleasant climatic conditions, stable and secure setting makes it a perfect choice as a dwelling place for families. Investors too find the country very conducive because of the blooming economy boosted by sectors including tourism, shipping, real estate, financial and legal services.

Advantages of the Cyprus citizenship program are numerous; some of the important ones are listed below:

  • Presently, this is the lone European country  that provides citizenship approval in just 3 months irrespective of whether you reside there or not
  • Its streamlined process and system enables quick citizenship approval
  • Allows submission of citizenship and residency applications at the same time
  • No need to reside there physically, one visit once in seven years is sufficient
  • Not required to know any particular language
  • Liberty to work, study and live in Europe
  • Have right to be the owner of property in any of the European Union member states
  • Can enjoy free trade and low taxation inside the European Union
  • Under populated and safest country in the globe
  •  First class education and health care
  • Ideal  travel destination
  • Strategically placed connecting  North Africa, Middle East and EU
  • Investors are required to visit Cyprus at least once in 2 year’s time though least stay period not mentioned or made mandatory

Investment Choices available for investors are listed below

1.Investors can opt to invest a minimum of 2 million Euros in infrastructure developmental projects, land improvement projects (both commercial and residential) or other real estate related ones.

2.Investing in buying, participating or creating companies or business units is another option provided they are operated within Cyprus. A minimum of 2 million Euros should be invested, should have a tangible presence in the country and need to employ a minimum of five European or Cypriot citizens.

3.Investors can choose to invest in financial assets including securities, debentures and bonds issued and registered in Cyprus with a locking period of at least three years. The minimum value of 2 million Euros is expected to be infused.

4.Investments can also be done by combining many of the above mentioned choices involving a minimum of 2 million Euros.

Timeframe for Citizenship and PR

First Month:

The customer will be signing the Second Citizen Retainer agreement and would be paying the retainer invoice amount. Either the customer or a representative on his/her behalf would be asked to come to Cyprus to choose the investment plan or property and pay the deposit (fully refundable) into an official Escrow account.

Upon approval of the contracts, the customer will have to pay the residual amount in full in the same Escrow account. If rejected, the amount would be completely refunded.

The collected documents are submitted by second citizen along with the Property, Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) and application to the government.

The customer then pays the second citizen professional fees for submission

Second to fifth month:

Permanent Residence Card is issued in few weeks even while the passport application is in the process. The customer might be required to revisit Cyprus in order to finish off the biometric procedures for PR before issuance.  Under special circumstances, this could be completed through a Cyprus Embassy located in your place.

Upon receiving the Citizenship approval, the customer along with the spouse is required visit Cyprus at least for a day in order to take the Allegiance oath and also to obtain the citizenship certificates in person.  At this juncture, the customer needs to pay the balance professional fees to second citizen and government approval fees for each applicant (wife and husband).

Based on the SPA and Escrow Agreement, amounts will the disbursed from the Escrow Account to the concerned developer or business owner. This period is when the dependent children of the applicant can apply for Citizenship in Cyprus and pay the appropriate government fees. The customer makes the Approval invoice payment of second citizen professional fees.

Sixth month:

Within three months of approval, passport is given and in just six month the PR card is provided. Children are required to visit Cyprus in order to obtain the second passports and citizenship certificates. However, they can also be obtained at a Cypriot Embassy in a foreign country ( but this option might be time consuming).


“Heaven on earth” is what many call this Caribbean island with fertile green mountains, pristine beaches and vast tropical rainforests which is an ideal spot for hiking and diving. Officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica, it is often mistaken for the Dominican Republic. It is both economically and politically secure. Since Dominica encourages dual or second citizenships, an assorted blend of French, Carib, African and English people and cultures are found to flourish at this place.

Privileges and benefits of Dominica’s Economic Citizenship Program:

  • Physical residency not mandatory
  • Neither educational nor managerial experience needed
  • Non residents can benefit from no taxation
  • Can travel to more than 120 countries without visa hassles including Schengen Zone, Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore and UK
  • Dependent children not above the age of 28 can be included
  • Unmarried daughters below 28 yrs of age can be included provided they are completely supported by the main applicant or living with him/her
  • Dependent grandparents and parents above 55 yrs of age can also be included
  • Boasts to be the region with the lowest crime rate, making it a safe region
  • Applications from all, irrespective of nationalities are welcome
  • Visas and passports are processed without any delays

Who can qualify?

  • Applicants should possess good conduct and character
  • Should be healthy
  • Should not have any criminal record
  • Need to have fundamental English knowledge
  • Applicant should be above the age of 21

Investment in Dominica

To be part of the Citizenship Program of the Commonwealth of Dominica, applicants are required to either invest in Real estate projects or make a non-refundable donation to the government in order to contribute to the economic growth of the country.

First Option:

Applicants who are seeking citizenship are expected to contribute to the growth of the country’s economy, social development and financial security through a non-refundable monetary donation.

Scenario I: In case of a single applicant the minimum contribution to be made is 100,000 USD.

Scenario II: If citizenship is applied by the main applicant and the spouse the minimum amount is 175,000 USD.

Scenario III: If the family consists of the main applicant, spouse and 2 children or dependents aged not more than 18, then the amount required to be donated is 200,000 USD.

Normally each additional dependant should contribute a minimum of 25,000 USD.

Second Option:

To obtain citizenship in Dominica, applicants can also invest not less than 200,000 USD in any of the government approved real estate ventures. Once approved the government fees payable are as follows:

Government fees for

                The main applicant is 25,000 USD

                Spouse and main applicant is 35,000 USD

                For a family of four comprising of the main applicant, spouse and two dependents not more than 27 yrs is 35,000 USD

                For a family of six comprising of the main applicant, spouse and four dependents not more than 27 yrs is 50,000 USD

                For a family of seven comprising of the main applicant, spouse and five dependents not more than 27 yrs is 70,000 USD

Reach us for a complete breakdown of all kinds of fees payable to the government for making a wise investment.

Timeframe for processing Citizenship and passport application

First and second month:

The customer needs to sign the second citizen retainer agreement and has to pay the invoice amount for the same

File is prepared for submission, government due diligence fees, processing, passport and citizenship application fees made.

The customer is required to make the submission invoice payment of second citizen professional fees.

Third month:

The results of the due diligence are kept ready and approval for citizenship issued. If the applicant is making a donation, the investment sum is directly paid to the Ministry of Finance and planning and if the applicant is making a real estate investment, then the stipulated amount is paid into the Government Escrow Account. However the government fee is paid through second citizen. The customer makes the approval invoice payment as part of the second citizen professional fees.

Fourth Month:

Issuance of citizenship certificates is done and second citizen receives the passports, which would be delivered to the concerned customer in his/her respective home country.


Grenada, located in the faraway southern region of the Caribbean is famously described as “the Spice isle” for being the largest producer of some of the exotic spices such as nutmeg, vanilla, cocoa, cloves and cinnamon. Comprising of two other tiny islands of Petite Martinique and Carriacou, Grenada is well known for its sandy beaches, lush volcanic mountains, waterfalls, rainforests and vibrant villages by the seaside. In addition to the above natural attractions, sailing, diving, multi-cuisine restaurants and memorable festivities celebrated with fervor all round the year has made this nation the most sought after destination for innumerable high net value investors.

Advantages of applying for citizenship in Grenada through investment programs

  • Allows investors dual citizenship without having to forgo their present passports
  • Quick processing of application not exceeding four month’s time
  • Investor’s worldwide earnings are non taxable
  • Offers hassle-free visa travel to nearly 100 nations including the Schengen Zone, Singapore, UK and even China
  •  No need to own a home physically
  • Allows addition of dependent children less than 25 yrs of age
  • Allows addition of dependent parents above 65 yrs of age
  • Visit to Grenada is not mandatory while the application is under processing
  • Need not have to submit proof of managerial experience or education background
  • Enables enrolling in the E 2 visa program of USA that provides the right to reside and start businesses in US
  • All nationalities are eligible to apply
  • As a CARICOM Member nation, allows investors reside in other Caribbean communities too

Who can qualify under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program?

The government of Grenada re-launched the investment program for citizenship in the year 2013 regulated by the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act. Since tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and offshore financial sectors are showing promising results as economy boosters, the government of Grenada is encouraging direct foreign investments in the above mentioned fields. It also aims to provide sustainable employment opportunities for Grenadian nationals.

In order to get qualified, applicants need to satisfy the below mentioned criteria apart from making investment.

  • Applicant should have a clean track record with excellent character
  • Should possess good health
  • Should be of a high net value individual
  • Should be able to provide proof of the investment fund source

Available Investment choices

First Option:

Applicant can contribute to the NTF (National Transformation Fund) by remitting a non-refundable amount of 200,000 USD. However, the amount can differ based on the total number of citizenship applicants. Under normal circumstances, a family consisting of four members including the main applicant, spouse and two dependents aged below 26 has to contribute a minimum of 200,000 USD and have to pay an extra of 25,000 USD as government fees for every extra family member below 26 yrs of age.

Second Option:

Applicants can Invest 275,000 USD in GSA or Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture which would be returned after a lock-in period of 5 yrs by the developer as Buy Back. It is guaranteed by the concerned international insurance company from which the investor has bought the insurance policy, directly. After the third year, the investor can choose to receive a minimum of 6% as dividends or can sell this Buy Back option to any other applicant and can retain his/her second passport.

Third Option:

According to the legislation pertaining to Grenada’s citizenship, the applicant needs to invest a minimum of 350,000 USD in real estate and also pay the applicable government fees.  After 3 yrs, the investor can choose to sell the invested property to another applicant, making the purchaser also eligible for citizenship.

Timeframe for processing the application

First and Second month:

The customer is required to sign the second citizen retainer agreement and has to make the retainer invoice payment. Once the file is prepared for submission, government processing fees, citizenship application fees, passport fees and due diligence has to be paid. The customer is expected to pay the submission invoice of second citizen professional fees.

Third Month:

The results of Due Diligence are kept ready and issuance of citizenship approval takes place.

If the applicant opts for Real Estate, GSA or Donation options, the applicable amount has to be remitted into Grenada’s Escrow Account.

The customer is expected to pay the professional fees of second citizen towards approval invoice.

Fourth Month:

Issuance of citizenship certificates takes place and second citizen receives the passports which are delivered to the customers in their respective home countries.



Also called as “the pearl of the Mediterranean”, Montenegro a picturesque country with lakes, rivers, mountains and beaches allows indulging in activities like rafting and sailing has been a tourist attraction spot for long. With mild winters and warm summers, the climatic conditions are friendly while their vivacious culture with traces of the French, Turkish, byzantine and Venetian makes it a perfect setting for people from all over the globe.  In spite of being a small nation in size, it provides great scope for investment too. No wonder it is turning into one of the most preferred foreign investor’s retreat.

Advantages of securing citizenship status in Montenegro

  • Low taxation policy adopted for both individual and established business incomes
  • Provides hassle-free visa travel to not less than 99 countries including Russian Federation, European Union and Switzerland
  • Montenegro is a potential future candidate for NATO and EU membership and a complete member of the WTO and UN organizations
  • Quick passport processing
  • Reasonable investment amount
  • Equipped with a robust legal framework that facilitates quick and affordable immigration process for individuals and businesses
  • Temporary residency status within 1 month depending on a new business venture or working permit in a locally situated company

Special Investor Program

According to the recently introduced Special Investor program by the government of Montenegro, investments that are likely to enhance the economy of the country are encouraged. It could be a business venture, real estate investment or fund payment deposited in a special account that would be utilized for national budgeting. The qualifying criteria and amounts for investment are likely to be announced soon. Second citizen is working closely with the government agencies and legislators in order to provide a viable solution for all those who wish to apply for citizenship here.



Situated on the Liberian peninsula (south-western part of Europe), Portugal is considered as one of the globe’s most peaceful and globalized countries. In the year 2014, the Conde Nast Traveler magazine’s Spanish edition named this country as the best travel destination and in the same year as “the Best Value Destination” by Rough Guides. Apart from the various attractions including the beaches, architectural and historical marvels, golf courses, vineyards and myriad landscapes, Portugese citizen’s hospitality tops the list.  

Important reasons for opting Portugal are given below:

  • Pleasant Mediterranean climatic conditions, stable and safe environment makes this place just right for travel, business and raising families
  • Portugal’s quick developing and secure market offers vast business opportunities for investors
  • Its strong passport enables hassle-free visa access to more than 170 countries
  • Portugese passport gives the right to work, live and study in any of the EU countries
  • Most of the non European Union nationalities are welcome to apply for citizenship
  • Enables free travel inside the Schengen region without visa or the need to produce any other credentials
  • It is not mandatory to live in Portugal to get citizensip
  • Can get permanent residency status after being a temporary resident for five years and can get citizenship once you hold permanent residency status for a minimum of one year
  • Can include family members including a partner or spouse, dependent parents and children

The Golden Visa Program of Portugal

The government of Portugal made alterations to the prevailing immigration law 29/2012 in the year 2012, October 8th, enabling non-European Union citizens to obtain EU residency permit on a temporary basis to the maximum of 5 years upon investing in Real estate projects in Portugal. This is considered as the quick and simple means for investors to get the Golden Visa or five year term residence permit.

Initially the Portuguese Golden Residence permit would be provided for one year term (temporary basis) provided the applicant invests a minimum of 500,000 Euros in Real estate where the investment should be free of mortgage and the fund used for the investment should not be obtained from a lender. This permit can be renewed two years once in succession for two years which totals up to five years. After the completion of the five year term, the investor will be eligible for Permanent Residence Permit application.

As per the Portuguese Nationality Law 37/81 created in the year 2006 on October 3rd, revised by Decree Law No.322-A/2001, article 6, Portuguese nationality can be granted to immigrants who have been a legal resident of Portugal for a minimum of six years.

Investment Choices

First option:

Applicants can obtain a property or real estate above the value of 500,000 Euros or buy properties that are above 30 years old worth 350,000 Euros and above or purchase property situated in any of the urban revival regions chosen for refurbishing.

Second Option:

Applicants can choose to invest not less than 350,000 Euros in research activities or invest not less than 250,000 Euros in any of the refurbishment or reconstruction projects associated with national heritage or in arts projects. In case of venture capital or investment in shares, applicants are required to shell out at least 500,000 Euros.

Third Option:

Applicants can choose to create jobs for a minimum of ten Portuguese nationals.

Residency permit process Timeframe

First and Second Week:

The Second Citizen retainer agreement is signed by the customer and the first installment of professional fees is paid to second citizen. The customer is expected to choose the Portuguese property (remotely) he/she wishes to buy and Second Citizen begins to prepare the purchase documentation work that has to be produced while applying for residency permit.

Third and fourth week:

The customer needs to visit to Portugal to obtain the stamped passport prior to Residency application submission. In case of not possessing a Schengen Visa, the applicant has to apply for a Tourist Visa in Portugal through the Portuguese Consulate in his/her home country. Upon finalization of the property, the applicant can transfer the capital amount directly in to the Portuguese bank account opened by second citizen.

Third month:

Lawyers at Second Citizen execute the property purchase. Submission of documents pertaining to Residence Permit to the Government, enclosed with the Title Deed of the property. At this juncture, the customer has to pay the government application processing fees and the submission invoice of Second Citizen professional fees.

Fourth Month:

Once approved, Second Citizen schedules a meeting with the concerned authorities. At this juncture, the customer has to pay the Government Residency Permit Fees along with the final professional fees to Second Citizen.

Either the customer can visit Portugal to obtain the Residency Permit or can ask the Second Citizen lawyers to collect on his/her behalf. Issuance of Residence Permit takes place in not more than 45 days.


Saint Lucia

the most happening hub located at the center of the Mediterranean provides easy access to Africa, Asia and Europe. Its effervescent culture, pleasant climatic conditions, stable and secure setting makes it a perfect choice as a dwelling place for families. Investors too find the country very conducive because of the blooming economy boosted by sectors including tourism, shipping, real estate, financial and legal services.

St Kitts & Nevis

the most happening hub located at the center of the Mediterranean provides easy access to Africa, Asia and Europe. Its effervescent culture, pleasant climatic conditions, stable and secure setting makes it a perfect choice as a dwelling place for families. Investors too find the country very conducive because of the blooming economy boosted by sectors including tourism, shipping, real estate, financial and legal services.


the most happening hub located at the center of the Mediterranean provides easy access to Africa, Asia and Europe. Its effervescent culture, pleasant climatic conditions, stable and secure setting makes it a perfect choice as a dwelling place for families. Investors too find the country very conducive because of the blooming economy boosted by sectors including tourism, shipping, real estate, financial and legal services.


the most happening hub located at the center of the Mediterranean provides easy access to Africa, Asia and Europe. Its effervescent culture, pleasant climatic conditions, stable and secure setting makes it a perfect choice as a dwelling place for families. Investors too find the country very conducive because of the blooming economy boosted by sectors including tourism, shipping, real estate, financial and legal services.

ST.Vincent & The Grenadines

A multi-island Caribbean nation, an active member of the Commonwealth, an amalgamation of 32 islands and cays adding up in the map of St Vincent and Grenadines, is most sought out for its tropical climate, exotic vacations and time away from buzzing lifestyle.

St Vincent is volcanic in origin, with its active volcano La Soufrière sitting in a rugged mountain range running till Mt St Andrew ( 750 metres) above the Kingstown Valley in the south. The islands stretch till south-west towards Grenada, with nine of them unscathed by human presence, including the mainland St. Vincent and the Grenadines islands: Young Island, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Union Island, Mayreau, Petit St Vincent and Palm Island.

The Saint Vincent island lies about 20 miles (32 km) southwest of Saint Lucia and 100 miles (160 km) west of Barbados. It is 18 miles (30 km) long and has a maximum width of 11 miles (18 km). On attaining independence in 1979, the multi-island state made Kingstown as its capital and major port. The soil of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is very fertile and permits the easy cultivation of a variety of vegetables and fruits as well as arrowroot. Vegetation is varied, and there are a number of plants of striking brilliance, including hibiscus and poinsettia. Cultivated land spreads out below the forest zone, and in some areas terraces protect against erosion. Birdlife on the island is especially rich.

This mountainous backbone contributes to the lateral spurs intersected by wooded valleys and numerous streams. The stunning Tobago Cays National Marine Park is also located within SVG. The internationally celebrated unique beaches of St Vincent and Grenadines are unique with their fine white sand, black-volcanic and clear waters. Noted for their coral reefs and fine beaches, the Grenadines serve as the focus of the country’s tourism sector. They are particularly favored by those interested in yachting and sport fishing and lend themselves to Caribbean tourism’s traditional emphasis on sun, sea, and sand. The nation is an amalgamation of rainforest eco-adventures, scuba diving, classic Caribbean powder-white sand beaches, luxury accommodation and yachting or sailing adventures.

Citizenship Laws of this Caribbean Nation are based upon the Saint Vincent Constitution, dated October 27, 1979 and the Citizenship Act of 1984. As a member of the British Commonwealth, Saint Vincent has specific laws and rules for British and Commonwealth citizens. (UKC-Commonwealth)

Second Citizen helps you to choose a better living, financial environment with the most trending concept of attaining a second citizenship here in St Vincent and Grenadines. Reach us for more information and guidance in attaining your second citizenship for you and your family in a tropical haven.