“Heaven on earth” is what many call this Caribbean island with fertile green mountains, pristine beaches and vast tropical rainforests which is an ideal spot for hiking and diving. Officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica, it is often mistaken for the Dominican Republic. It is both economically and politically secure. Since Dominica encourages dual or second citizenships, an assorted blend of French, Carib, African and English people and cultures are found to flourish at this place.

Privileges and benefits of Dominica’s Economic Citizenship Program:

  • Physical residency not mandatory
  • Neither educational nor managerial experience needed
  • Non residents can benefit from no taxation
  • Can travel to more than 120 countries without visa hassles including Schengen Zone, Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore and UK
  • Dependent children not above the age of 28 can be included
  • Unmarried daughters below 28 yrs of age can be included provided they are completely supported by the main applicant or living with him/her
  • Dependent grandparents and parents above 55 yrs of age can also be included
  • Boasts to be the region with the lowest crime rate, making it a safe region
  • Applications from all, irrespective of nationalities are welcome
  • Visas and passports are processed without any delays

Who can qualify?

  • Applicants should possess good conduct and character
  • Should be healthy
  • Should not have any criminal record
  • Need to have fundamental English knowledge
  • Applicant should be above the age of 21

Investment in Dominica

To be part of the Citizenship Program of the Commonwealth of Dominica, applicants are required to either invest in Real estate projects or make a non-refundable donation to the government in order to contribute to the economic growth of the country.

First Option:

Applicants who are seeking citizenship are expected to contribute to the growth of the country’s economy, social development and financial security through a non-refundable monetary donation.

Scenario I: In case of a single applicant the minimum contribution to be made is 100,000 USD.

Scenario II: If citizenship is applied by the main applicant and the spouse the minimum amount is 175,000 USD.

Scenario III: If the family consists of the main applicant, spouse and 2 children or dependents aged not more than 18, then the amount required to be donated is 200,000 USD.

Normally each additional dependant should contribute a minimum of 25,000 USD.

Second Option:

To obtain citizenship in Dominica, applicants can also invest not less than 200,000 USD in any of the government approved real estate ventures. Once approved the government fees payable are as follows:

Government fees for

                The main applicant is 25,000 USD

                Spouse and main applicant is 35,000 USD

                For a family of four comprising of the main applicant, spouse and two dependents not more than 27 yrs is 35,000 USD

                For a family of six comprising of the main applicant, spouse and four dependents not more than 27 yrs is 50,000 USD

                For a family of seven comprising of the main applicant, spouse and five dependents not more than 27 yrs is 70,000 USD

Reach us for a complete breakdown of all kinds of fees payable to the government for making a wise investment.

Timeframe for processing Citizenship and passport application

First and second month:

The customer needs to sign the second citizen retainer agreement and has to pay the invoice amount for the same

File is prepared for submission, government due diligence fees, processing, passport and citizenship application fees made.

The customer is required to make the submission invoice payment of second citizen professional fees.

Third month:

The results of the due diligence are kept ready and approval for citizenship issued. If the applicant is making a donation, the investment sum is directly paid to the Ministry of Finance and planning and if the applicant is making a real estate investment, then the stipulated amount is paid into the Government Escrow Account. However the government fee is paid through second citizen. The customer makes the approval invoice payment as part of the second citizen professional fees.

Fourth Month:

Issuance of citizenship certificates is done and second citizen receives the passports, which would be delivered to the concerned customer in his/her respective home country.