Also called as “the pearl of the Mediterranean”, Montenegro a picturesque country with lakes, rivers, mountains and beaches allows indulging in activities like rafting and sailing has been a tourist attraction spot for long. With mild winters and warm summers, the climatic conditions are friendly while their vivacious culture with traces of the French, Turkish, byzantine and Venetian makes it a perfect setting for people from all over the globe.  In spite of being a small nation in size, it provides great scope for investment too. No wonder it is turning into one of the most preferred foreign investor’s retreat.

Advantages of securing citizenship status in Montenegro

  • Low taxation policy adopted for both individual and established business incomes
  • Provides hassle-free visa travel to not less than 99 countries including Russian Federation, European Union and Switzerland
  • Montenegro is a potential future candidate for NATO and EU membership and a complete member of the WTO and UN organizations
  • Quick passport processing
  • Reasonable investment amount
  • Equipped with a robust legal framework that facilitates quick and affordable immigration process for individuals and businesses
  • Temporary residency status within 1 month depending on a new business venture or working permit in a locally situated company

Special Investor Program

According to the recently introduced Special Investor program by the government of Montenegro, investments that are likely to enhance the economy of the country are encouraged. It could be a business venture, real estate investment or fund payment deposited in a special account that would be utilized for national budgeting. The qualifying criteria and amounts for investment are likely to be announced soon. Second citizen is working closely with the government agencies and legislators in order to provide a viable solution for all those who wish to apply for citizenship here.